When the sun rises,not everyone define its beauty,, but the sun keeps on being beautiful even if no one bothers to look at it.. 


My Sunshine Blogger Award

I am very happy😊😁😃 today as I have been nominated for Sunshine Awards. I would like to thank Paula Piscologa( to choose me for this wonderful opportunity. I love blogging and I've been already nominated for Libester Awards. I am greatful to Paula Piscologa. Sunshine blogger award is a nice award that is given... Continue Reading →

Your Wake Up Call

Be Inspired!

Wake up.  There’s a whole world of beauty waiting to be experienced.

When we are awake and aware in all of our moments, we can tune in our senses to experience the beauty all around us.  As we go through our day, let’s open our eyes wide and look at the world with fresh eyes.  Let’s notice the details.  Let’s be open to really experiencing what we see and hear and feel.

When we look at the world with an open heart and an alert mind, we can find that there is amazing beauty around us.  Take time to notice everything today.  Really look around.  Often we are rushing through our days and just do not take time to notice the songbird sitting on the fence or the bright blue sky above us – or how the breeze feels on our skin.  Take time to notice it all today.


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