टूटना भी जरुरी था एक नये सांचे में जो गढ़ना था, कुछ पुराने को छोड़ना था कुछ नये को अपनाना था। खो गये वो समय के भंवर में जो बदल न सके खुद को, पार हो गये वो इस दरिया से जिसने अपना लिया नये रुख को। Tootna bhi zaroori tha ek naye saache mein... Continue Reading →

My Sunshine Blogger Award

I am very happy😊😁😃 today as I have been nominated for Sunshine Awards. I would like to thank Paula Piscologa( http://www.moonlightpsychology.com) to choose me for this wonderful opportunity. I love blogging and I've been already nominated for Libester Awards. I am greatful to Paula Piscologa. Sunshine blogger award is a nice award that is given... Continue Reading →

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''Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.'' Benjamin Franklin

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