Weep! Weep! Weep!

We compare our eyes with a number of precious things and the tears are given the adjective of pearls. But how does these years become the sign of weakness? When a poignant incident touches our heart with its humble hands we become sentiment and we can feel the precious pearls in the form of tears are flowing down our, cheeks. These tears create positive energy and the entire atmosphere becomes peaceful. If someone hurts us and the same tears come out, then we become weak.

I am a sensitive person, I get hurt easily. People’s word prick and I begin to weep. But my tears don’t mean I am weak it’s my way to forgive people and their words. When Dad scolds me and the mistake wasn’t mine I become angry and my eyes fill with tears, the moment tears come out my anger says bye, bye! And I become normal again. Actually tears give us a chance to know ourselves and see how we deal with anger, how we face emotional ups and downs. When we weep we understand ourselves profoundly and sometimes we forgive ourselves and sometimes others softly. We hide our tears because this world makes weepy one weak and harsh one strong physically and emotionally too.

So friends if you see anyone weeping let him weep. Don’t tell him ‘tears would do nothing’. Maybe tears help him deal with sadness, anger and ennui. But if condition is uncontrollable, tackle it gently. I believe the one who can weep he has the power to forgive. I’d be looking forward for your comments.


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