People of my kind

Finally after a lot of effort I am writing my first post. It has been so difficult for me to start a blog. I am an introvert so I am shy to ask anyone about anything in such a situation it becomes very difficult to find friends. When I was 14 I read a story that helped me to choose people of my kind and it would be my best choice to write that story in my first post. “Once there was a spiritual school many pupils studied there. On the last day of school saint called them under a tree and presented three satues of mud and asked them ‘how does statues differ from one another?’ No one could answer because all were same, then a boy shouted ‘one has hole in ear’. But still the mystery was unsolved. Saint picked up a wodden stick and said ‘if I input stick in first statue’s ear it comes out of second ear’s hole, it means people of this type will listen to you from one ear and get your stuff out of other ear. In second statue stick goes in but comes out of mouth, these people are very dangerous they listen to you carefully but may open their mouth before anyone. The third has only one hole in ear and stick can’t come out from anywhere, these people are rare and trust worthy. They listen to you and keep everything to them.” I am looking for the third ones and you?


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