Peer pressure

All the time we are surrounded by a no of people who in some or other way influence us. Peer pressure is defined as the social influence a peer group exerts on its individual members, as each member attempts to conform to the exceptions of the group, it encourages individual to change his attitude, values or behavior to make them similar to the peer group. Peer pressure is being exerted on us even if we don’t realize it.

It’s of two types- negative and positive. As it is of two types so it affects us in two ways. First way that doesn’t need any proof or witness, we can see all around us due to peer pressure individuals engage themselves in certain behaviors such as drinking or taking drugs to fit into the group. Friends have a big influence on our lives sometimes they push us to do things we may not want to do. Peer pressure can indulge us in immoral and bad activities.

But there are always two faces of a coin if we study first one we should have a look of second ones. Peer pressure may have good effects. We are living in the world of competition and our peers can be our best competitors. We can choose the people of our group who deserve to compete with us. Peers may be our best teachers or guides, we can imitate and learn something new.

So peer pressure can have both positive & negative effects. So what does make peer pressure good? It is the point of view, ones principle and conscience that assures him to accept positive response only.

Peers invite a world of jealousy, beware of it. If you believe in yourself and ready for any circumstance then make sure you are never going to be trapped in peer pressure.


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