To draw a straight line is the most difficult work and it is too easy to draw a zig zag line. Just like this it’s easy to be an abstruse and it’s very difficult to be simple minded. But let’s see how we can get success through simplicity……

In our childhood we all are very straight forward, immaculate and transparent. But as we become young our parents, family and society expect us to leave simplicity and learn worldliness. They want us to become smart, clever and adopt the strategy to go ahead of others. When we become the part of this race, discourses begin “make your life simple & straight forward”.

In this era our life is profoundly affected by technology and means of communication. Without information we run after any idea and the consequence is we become the victim of complexity. Many a times circumstances make us to take way. When any trouble knocks our door, somehow it turns us inside out and struggle begins. In this race we lose our pristine quality. In such an atmosphere stay uncomplicated is not less than a challenge.

Simplicity is strong. A great thinker said that “life is very straightforward but we always try to make it intricate”. To understand this first we need to know simplicity.

Simplicity means clarity. It signifies to which is easy to know & understand. It’s as simple as children are immaculate and transparent. Because of these virtues sometimes they are said to be form of God. Here simplicity doesn’t mean innocence.

Simplicity gives clarity of thinking, clarity about yourself without manipulation and dilemma, no difference in voice, mind and heart. These virtues make a simple minded person confident & trust worthy, people believe him. Simple minded people are original. They don’t change themselves in accordance with expectations of society, instead they change the view and thinking of view society with their simplicity.


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