Changing the Past

The past is the past for a reason

That is where it is supposed to stay

But some cannot let it go

In their heads it eats away


Until all their focus becomes

The person that they used to be

The mistakes they made in their life

Oh, if only they could see


That you cannot change what happened

No matter how hard you try

No matter how much you think about it

No matter how much you cry


What happens in your lifetime

Happens for reasons unknown

So you have to let the cards unfold

Let your story be shown


Don’t get wrapped up in the negative

Be happy with what you have been given

Live for today not tomorrow

Get up, get out and start living

Because the past is the past for a reason

It’s been and now it is gone

So stop trying to think of ways to fix it

It’s done, it’s unchangeable, Β move on.


10 thoughts on “Changing the Past

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  1. Lovely words and, for me, very relatable. In mindfulness circles the word is catastrophising. Dipping into a default mind that sits ruminating in negativity and crushing motivation so that it can perpetuate it’s view point. I have learned to recognise when this starts to happen and focuss on the moment, find a distraction and step out of the default zombie mind. Retrain it so to speak. Not easy and I’ve touched on my journey in the kindness posts I’ve done as part of a challenge.

    Excellent poem and thank you for following my blog 😊

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