Try! Try! Try! Never cry

Once there was a boy he had a fish, he liked her so much. Every day he used to find new games to play with her.One day he thought a game he put a transparent glass slide in the fish bowl which divided the bowl in two parts. One side had fish and the other side had water only. Now he sprinkled food grains on the opposite side of fish, she tried to go to other side but she couldn’t get there. She tried again but there was no result. Now boy realised his mistake & took out glass slide and sprinkled food grains but fish didn’t come. Again & again he sprinkled but she never ever came back and after some time she died.

Do you think the boy killed the fish? But, actually he was innocent. He was just trying to use his creativity to entertain the fish so that they could be best friends. He tried his best to make fish enjoy her life. So we can say that the boy was truly innocent.
Now, did you think that the fish should have tried once? Had she made one more effort she could have been alive. But she had found it to be impossible to get the food and after that her life ended.

In my point of view moral of this short story- “never quit, before you have tried your best. Trying once is easier than to compromise your life. I know it takes time but without giving time nothing is possible. It is impossible to live an effortless life. Life is a struggle & the sentence “let’s try again!” works as oxygen. So don’t quit unless you have tried your best and you and God are only two who knows your caliber.”

Have a great day & Happy DiwaliπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ.


12 thoughts on “Try! Try! Try! Never cry

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    1. Whether to do or do not is ours choice. If we choose to do we will try and if we fail we may try again. Sometimes we don’t succeed in first chance.
      Thanks for sharing your views…..πŸ˜ƒ


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